The easiest way to transfer playlists between streaming apps!

Soundiiz playlist

Soundiiz is a service that I think all lovers of streaming media will love.  Over the years I managed to download, install, subscribe etc to a number of music streaming app services.  You know why there always seems to be something better coming around when the previous service stagnates. At first I listened on Youtube, dabbled on Deezer, setup Soundcloud, settled on Spotify and now I am experimenting with Tidal.  What all these apps have in common though is Playlists.  Just like back in the day when recording on to a cassette or CD people put a lot of care and are down right anal about the cultivation of the perfect playlist.  In the past when shifting medium I had to start from scratch as I wasn't able to take those sweet beats in that perfect order with me.  In a way, I guess, shifting streaming apps had a lot in common with having to tediously recreate your collection on CD...and then...mp3....and then FLAC.  Seriously, I might cry when I think how many hours of your life has been devoted to those menial tasks.  

A new service called Soundiiz was just brought to my attention and after signing up for free and going through the motions of adding my various accounts from different apps I am happy to say that I have all my old playlists synced across each other.  My Tidal is loaded with my Spotify lists and I even dredged up some classic playlists from last.FM that I forgot about from 2008.

If you want to check it out head over to signup and add your accounts, whether your shifting service or just want to drag up old playlists its well worth checking out and of course its free.