"The Verge" and that ridiculous Zero Audio Carbo Tenore Review

Usually, I wouldn't take the time out to write something like this but today I read something so incredibly stupid I couldn't let it slide. This terrible review/article over at "The Verge". You see, for some reason, 2 years or more after the hype train had long since left the station, the editor of online tech site "The Verge" declared Zero Audio's Carbo Tenore to be worth 10 times its price.  

In fact, he went as far as to drop this humble brag followed by another even more ridiculous statement:

"...I've been too busy testing opulent $1,600 options from the likes of Noble Audio and Ultimate Ears, and I'm telling you that it's those super-expensive headphones that the Carbo Tenore should be compared to."

Ummmm what?... LOL.... LMFO.... GTFO....Harambe.  Having listened to well over 500 earphones in the past few years and having owned the Carbo Tenore myself this might be...no this is... the stupidest "hypebeast" statement I have ever read.  Even after years of hearing straight ridiculousness spewed forth over on the Head-fi forums, this one takes the special soggy biscuit.

Just for a little fun, I'm going to write down as many sub-$300 earphones as I can in 2 minutes. All of which best the Zero Audio earphones.

Vsonic GR07, RHA T20, RHA t10, RHA MA 750, Yamaha eph-100, JVC FXD-80, Grado GR8, Dunu DN2000, Final Audio Design Heaven V and Heaven IV, Shure SE425, 315, 215, Fostex TE-07, Dunu Titan 5, Trinity Audio Techne,  GR07 BE..... I could keep going but you get the point.

All of those earphones cost under $300.  All of them are better than the Carbo Tenore, most of them by a large margin.  

Now that's not to say that the Zero Audio isn't a great set of headphones.  No doubt they are a bargain if you are able to get them for the $35 odd dollars they have been listed at recently. How much of a bargain is much more subjective.  I would say that at about the $60-70 mark the Tenore start to face stiff competition. 

A couple of years ago things might have been different but things have moved on and the Chinese are bombarding the market with amazing earphones which sound and have features that would not be possible in the past.  

With such a huge audience The Verge owes it to their readers to steer clear of this hype BS. They definitely lost me as a reader and I would urge anyone to be wary of future articles written by its editor Vlad Savov in the future.