Audiophile EDC: Reader Rig Pictures


So here it is, well at least we are giving it a shot.  A new section for your gear pictures that will go live every Thursday.  I will be starting it off with mine first of all but I want your photos to join me.  The concept is simple show us your EDC (Every Day Carry) kit that includes what you use to play your music on the go and give us a couple of sentences about whats in your kit.

For example heres mine this week, I am down in Gambia right now and had to travel light but tough and didn’t want to compromise on sound.

I have the Tank like RHA T10i into a Dragonfly DAC 1.2 connected to a 32gb LG G2 via USB OTG.  I am using the USB Audio Player Pro App.  This little rig gives me outstanding sound quality on the go and is tough enough to survive traveling.

Also pictured is my Spyderco Tenacious Knife an outstanding budget knife with a quick deploy mod that goes with me on all travels.  A Colt tactical Pen that is just about as bulletproof as a pen can get.  I have a Tank 007 AAA flashlight, one of the best bang for buck portable flashlights you can get. A Microsoft Surface 2 + Type Cover, A stealth Edition Casio G-Shock watch, Fuji X-E1, 18mm XF Fujinon F2.0 and pentax 50mm 1.5 (with adapter).  Next up there is the Brainwavz AP001 splitter amp for sharing my music and a Calibre Portable aluminium charger.  LG G2 with Tuff Enough Kickstand rugged case.  A Excentri Brown leather wallet.  Finally I have my trusty Maxpedition pouch that I have taken all over the world with me attached at the top on a keychain are a couple of backup solutions, with a True Utility: cash stash, flashlight, telescopic pen and a little Spyderco bug knife thats sharp as hell.  Everything is thrown into a 30l Quecha pack and gives me everything I need on the move.

So that’s mine now send me the pictures of your own Carry Kits no matter how big or small to with a couple of sentences about what your gear is and why you have it on you.  Then check back to see if you made it on the list.

Happy listening guys :D