Ultimate Ears UE600 Eaphone Review

The ultimate ears ue600 earphones offer a taste of balanced driver earphone sound quality on a budget


Ultimate Ears UE600 Earphone Review - PREFACE

After a logitech picked up Ultimate ears we have seen a few changes such as the phasing out of the outstanding Triple.fi in place of the new UE900 along with some very exciting full size cans. The UE600 however is more of a refinement of the old super.fi 5.  Are the changes enough to make it stand on its own?


Ultimate Ears UE600 - Packaging - (8/10)

Packaging is very nice with bold graphics and design.  The iems are presented well and can be seen through the clear packaging.

Ultimate Ears UE600 - Accessories - (8/10)

As usual good quality and useful stuff from the folks at logitech.  In the package you get 5 sets of silicone tips and a couple of comply foam tips which are great for comfort.  There is a good sized hard case which is nicer than the one that came with the old super.fi 5's its larger and opens as a clamshell as opposed to the strange flip top on the old one.

Ultimate Ears UE600 - Looks and Build Quality – (8/10)

The 600's are a great looking set of phones, theres something about the black chrome and red on them which is done in a rather classy way as opposed to screaming look at me.  The are actually a very very small set for a top firing balanced armature which is responsible for the unique shape of the earphone.  In terms of build quality the 600's are ok.  They are very light so would probably survive a drop however the plastic does have a brittle feel too it that if pressure was applied I may worry slightly about them cracking.

Ultimate Ears UE600 - Isolation - Fit (9/10)

Isolation is reasonable, a step above average.  However the fit is amazing, the supplied tips stay in place remarkably well and due to the diminutive weight of them they feel like they will stay in there forever and you wouldn’t ever notice.  Personally for this reason I have been using them as my gym phones.  I would go as far as to say that the 600 are one of the most comfortable IEM's I have ever had the pleasure to use........even surpassing that of the Audeo PFE 112.

Ultimate Ears UE600 - Sound Quality - (8.5/10)

Clean, clear, reasonably open and nicely detailed.  The UE 600 are a balanced phone  but not in a clinical way, they are very enjoyable to listen to either when listening critically or

Ultimate Ears UE600 Review - CONCLUSION

Ultimate Ears have really upped their game offering a great sounding set of BA earphones for a very low price.