What are the best tips for earphones and IEM's?

One of the most important factors in both the sound quality and comfort in an earphone or IEM (In Ear Monitor) is the tips you are using on them.  Believe me I have tried some terrible tips in my time and they go a hell of a long way to decreasing your enjoyment in using certain products with issues ranging from a lack of bass to being down right painful.  Luckily tips for the most part are interchangeable provided they have a similar diameter  to the earphones they will be paired with. Heres a pick of some of the best on the market right now.  

Comply Foam Tips

Comply might actually win out for the being one of the most comfortable and well fitting universal tips you can buy.  Made from a type of memory foam you roll them down and then insert them into your ear, when the foam expands the result is usually a great secure seal.  One issue however is the Comply earphone tips ten to be fairly expensive and have a life of around 2 months with regular use.  Comply have tips that fit almost any earphone so the are one company you can rely on that will have something to cater to your needs.

Monster Supertips


Monster Supertips are another incredibly comfortable set of tips and work in a vaguely similar way to the comply in that the manage to conform to the shape of your inner ear in order to provide a more natural seal.  I found comfort to be outstanding using these with the Monster Gratitude earphones and I dont think they ever once slipped out my ears.  The advantage to the Supertips over the complies has to lie in the fact that they have a far longer lifespan.

Sony MH1C Tips

Put aside the fact that the

MH1C by sony reviewed here is one of the worlds true value earphones

, did you know that the also have some of the greatest tips ever invented?.  There is just something about the way they grip and seal its almost like your ear is in vacuum.  The cost (earphones included) about the same as a packet of the comply...Now thats value.