Why audiophiles own lots of headphones.

A lot of headphone hobbyists and audiophiles like myself will usually have one thing in common other than the fact we are willing to spend wallet weeping amounts of money on shiny things.  That thing is that as well as searching for the best sounding gear we are also looking for the best sounding music to listen to it.  Therefore you find that the people in this hobby listen to a staggeringly varied set of genres.  Myself I will listen to whatever I am in the mood for at that time, from Wu Tang Clan to Mozart, Diana Krall to Deer Tick, Eunauidi to ermmmmmm Mandy Moore ashamed face inserted.  

One thing I do that I never hear being mentioned is pairing a set of headphones to the music.  Like having red wine with red meat or like a tradesman pulling out the right tool (you wouldn’t us a paintbrush to cut wood) there is something to be said about having a stable of headphones that gets it just right to increase your enjoyment of the genre.


Im not talking go out and buy one headphone for each genre but most people have a tendency to listen to some bass heavy music and some more refined detailed and laid back music.  This is a good place to start and I suggest the following approach.


The Hammer or the Blade?

The hammer (Bass Canon/Fun) and the blade (Precise/Accurate/Detailed) allows you  2 options that which should perform optimally for either style of music.  Gone are complaints such as “I love the detail but I just wish it had more bass” and conversely “It has too much bass, I need more detail”  Just get both, there is no necessity to try and find one earphone that does it all contrary to popular thought.

Other reasons to create a stable of earphones are to have gear specific to other tasks: headphones for commuting vs headphones for home / office / comfort.  A pair of beater headphones for traveling or a dedicated set of gym earphones so your pride and joy top of the line headphones don’t get destroyed.  Maybe a set of buds so you can listen to music but still be aware of whats going on around you such as when cycling and a pair of waterproof ones for swimming.

I have way to many headphones and earphones and im not suggesting anyone needs to get as obsessed as me but think about the way you use your gear and then see if its worth expanding your own collection.